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ITSMF Author’s Corner

February 24, 2023 |
ITSMF proudly boasts about our leaders and their transformative approach to sharing their brilliance with our industry. Below are offerings from our Executive and Associate members. Be sure to click through and support our family.

Emerging Leadership: Black Tech Voices Redefining Executive Excellence: ITSMF Executive Academy Cohort 2023
Insights from Black Technology Executives

Understanding the Game of Executive Leadership: Strategies to Win
Insights from Black Technology Executives/ITSMF GIPD Executive Academy Cohort 2022

Unapologetically Ambitious: Take Risks, Break Barriers and Create Success on Your Own Terms
Shellye Archambeau

97 Things Every Information Security Professional Should Know: Practical and Approachable Advice from the Experts (1st Edition)
Dane Bamburry

Risk Management 101
Jane Harper

Office Shock
Ibrahim Jackson

Win When They Say You Won’t
Daphne E Jones

Cyber Ky & Tekkie Guy: Manage the Risk of Being Online (STEMultate Minds Book 1)
Dr. Laura Jones

How to Be Emotionally Intelligent Leader (While Crushing Your Goals)
Rokeya Jones

Why Should White Guys Have All The Wealth
Cedric Nash

Building A Digital Future
Cheryl Orange

The Courage to Continue: Navigating Your Corporate Journey
Cheryl Bevelle-Orange

Leadership from Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Character of a Leader
Dr. Stephanie Parson, Ph.D.

Art of Adaptability: exclusively featuring the 4/4’s (c) for Newly Disabled and Diagnosed Persons
Dr. Yvette Pegues

Diversity Training That Generates Real Change: Inclusive Approaches That Benefit Individuals, Business and Society
Dr. James O. Rodgers

Miss-Adventures Guide to Ultimate Empowerment for Women: Harness Your Power and Thrive in Every Area of Your Life
Denise Smith

Fundamentals of Internet of Things for Non-Engineers
Jerry Walker

dei myths ss
DE & I Mythgs

Interview with PCQ Consulting CEO

Tammy Triolo

Release Date: 8/14/23

the future is bright
The Future Is Bright

Interview with ITSMF President/CEO

Johanna Jones

Release Date: 7/31/23

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