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Successful technology leaders understand they must invest in themselves to continuously inspire excellence in others. We present two symposia each year to explore timely topics critical to the holistic development of today’s sophisticated technology professionals. Attendees come and get full of engaging, content-rich sessions, featuring nationally-renowned speakers, industry experts, entrepreneurial leaders and more—all in an unmatched atmosphere of trust-inspired sharing and connection.

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St. Louis, Missouri

FROM: Thursday, October 31, 2024
TO: Saturday, November 2, 2024


Business Casual


Marriott St. Louis Grand
800 Washington Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63101

ITSMF Special Rates end October 4, 2024


Lambert – St. Louis International Airport (STL)

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Connect & Grow
on a Deeper Level

CxO Forum

C-suite peers convene for meaningful, forward-looking discussions on topics that impact business value, influence workplace culture, and transform the industry. Participants gain rare insights from subject matter experts, as well as from each other’s career experiences, which enhance their executive capabilities and energize their leadership efforts within their own companies. Technology leaders (CIO, CTO, CISO and CDO), as well as other strategic organizational leaders (CEO, COO, CAO, CSO and Managing Directors) will benefit from the executive-level knowledge share that occurs during this Forum.

Ignite Forum

Designed to boost excellence and fuel innovation in both emerging and established entrepreneurs, the Ignite Forum sparks future achievement. Participants gain valuable insights, exchange best practices, and build connections with dynamic professionals from a variety of technology backgrounds that drive groundbreaking industry contributions and growth.

Emerge Forum

Women of color encounter unique workplace challenges, including a lack of peers and mentors with whom they can confide in, collaborate, and draw support from. The Emerge Forum offers a place to connect with women technology professionals who share the goals of becoming stronger, more confident leaders and advancing their technology careers.
(Designed for women and non-binary technology professionals of color)

Elevate Forum

To foster stronger, more supportive connections between Black men technology professionals within the growing ITSMF family, the Elevate Forum offers an intimate venue for candid, multifaceted conversations in a safe environment. Professional topics, such as career growth and challenges, as well as personal topics, such as financial health and physical well-being, are addressed in this forum.
(Designed for Black men and non-binary technology professionals)

CISO Forum

Interactive panel discussion addressing the topic of Cyber Security defense from the perspective of the role of the CISO, the leadership and organizational expectations of the role, the industry engagement required, and the human capital strategy required to be successful in this role. The session will be led by an industry leader and will consist of panelists with key roles in Cyber Security & Organizational Risk.

I have been to several other minority focused conferences and events
but I have never observed such a high level of professionalism and sense of family.
My experience has driven me to the decision to attend as many ITSMF events as possible
throughout my career.

Marcus Owens
Senior Consultant, Business & Technology Innovation

Working Together for a Robust Industry
& Stronger Communities


Stay engaged no matter where you are! Our virtual events allow us to support technology leaders and emerging professionals all across the globe. From symposiums and forums to webinars and meetups, the professional development and personal connection you need is right here…virtually!


When we take our “secret worth sharing” on the road, we’re able to diversify ITSMF offerings and broaden our reach. Regional events raise the visibility and stature of our partners and showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusion. Participants benefit from professional development that features different perspectives, explores emerging industry topics, and shares valuable insights derived from practical applications and real-world experience.


Working alongside our valued partners, community ambassadors, and strategic allies, ITSMF connects our member family with service opportunities that nurture a diverse technology workforce, improve communities, and feed the soul. Our collective efforts yield big results and create a lasting legacy where our members live and work.

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