Mind, Body,
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Show Up Fully

The dynamic world of technology needs the diverse perspectives and rich experiences of bold, disruptive champions. ITSMF offers an unparalleled opportunity to nurture these champions through its three Leadership Academies, each tailored to a different level of leader—from middle managers to senior executives.

Participation in one of our Leadership Academies helps Black technology professionals show up more fully in their companies and communities. These programs produce powerful results; up to 80% of graduates receive promotions and additional responsibilities within 18 months and go on to leverage their drive, talents and experiences to forge lasting legacies and transform future leaders.


ITSMF’s IGNITE Academy is a premier program that connects small- to mid-sized Black-owned technology enterprises with the resources and relationships needed for their businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Using the ITSMF mind-body-soul framework, IGNITE Academy participants will boost their business growth by enhancing their professional knowledge and leadership competencies, creating supportive peer relationships with other Black entrepreneurs, and establishing meaningful relationships with ITSMF members—many of whom represent Fortune 500 companies with supplier diversity initiatives. This entrepreneurship academy empowers and inspires the nation’s Black technology entrepreneurs to succeed in today’s competitive landscape by increasing business visibility, revenue potential, and personal fulfillment. Ignite your potential and join our community of passionate Black tech founders.


  • Access comprehensive resources, financial and professional services, expert advice, and personal connections to maximize success.
  • Develop economic strategies to scale technology businesses and position them to be competitive in supplier markets serving Fortune 500 companies.
  • Cultivate entrepreneurial networks and expand reach through authentic relationships with ITSMF members.
  • Build knowledge and leadership competencies for greater success.
  • Welcoming, like-minded community for idea exchange and entrepreneurial support from other Black technology founders.
  • Increase Black wealth through economic empowerment that results from long-term, sustainable business growth.


Boost your entrepreneurial growth by applying to the IGNITE Academy today. A new cohort begins in September.

Apply online from April 15th to July 5th

  • Investment: A non-refundable administration fee of $1,000 to ensure a fully engaged and rewarding program experience.
  • As an added bonus, $750 of your fee will help support the IGNITE Academy’s $10,000 non-dilutive capital prize, which will be awarded to a standout company upon completion of the program.
  • For additional program information, contact

NOTE: Completed applications, along with all supporting documents, must be received by June 16th to be considered for the incoming cohort. Applications received after the deadline will be considered in the next application cycle.



Transform, Lead, and Innovate in a Globally Connected World

Join us in Dubai for the Immersive Global Leadership Experience™, a bespoke program specially designed to elevate the careers of Black technology professionals. This transformative initiative integrates a comprehensive global competence framework with practical, real-world applications and personalized growth strategies. It refines your leadership skills from a global perspective, equipping you to make strategic decisions and drive innovation in an interconnected world.

Whether you’re tackling complex global challenges or leading local industry advancements, this program prepares you to excel and lead with assurance in any environment. Embark on this journey to transform your professional path and emerge as a visionary leader in the technology sector, making impactful decisions and fostering innovation across the industry. This program is more than just training—it’s an opportunity to revolutionize your approach to leadership and innovation. Join us to redefine your role in the global tech ecosystem and elevate your career.


  • Global Innovation: Gain insights into global technology trends and innovations through strategic business visits.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Understand how to leverage global insights and diverse perspectives to secure strategic advantages for your career and your organization, driving innovation and success.
  • Experience Diverse Cultures: Direct interactions with the local community and business leaders, to deepen your understanding of global contexts and enhance your adaptability.
  • Expand Your Professional Network: Connect with ITSMF like-minded professionals, industry leaders, and innovators in an environment that fosters collaboration and growth.


  • Don’t miss this career-defining experience to elevate your leadership capabilities for the globalized era. Apply now to secure your spot in this limited-capacity program and get ready to transform not just your role, but your entire perspective on leading and innovating with a global mindset.
  • Dates: November 8 – 17, 2024
  • Extended Application Deadline: July 15, 2024

NOTE: Completed applications, along with all supporting documents (current resume, headshot, and recommendation letter) must be received by July 15th to be considered.


Perfecting Executive Mindset & Leadership Success

ITSMF Executive Academy is a nine-month, holistic executive development program where senior-level technology professionals hone their leadership mindset to optimize results at the enterprise level. Experienced cohort advisors teach and mentor participants to transform them—mind, body, and soul—and motivate them to develop a global outlook and new methods, tools, and connections to successfully navigate the executive landscape and create impactful results for themselves and their organizations. ITSMF Executive Academy graduates are well-positioned to accept and thrive in executive leadership roles and enthusiastically “pay it forward” by nurturing other aspiring leaders in their companies and within the ITSMF family.

Shaping Technology Executives

Our advanced-level leadership development program creates effective participant outcomes. As a result, program graduates become more valuable—and successful—leaders who develop a deeper appreciation for sharing their knowledge, experiences, and guidance with others. Key outcomes include:

  • Invaluable insight into the competencies, expectations, and realities of executive-level performance.
  • Enterprise-level leadership skills, perspectives, emotional intelligence, and cultural awareness.
  • Stronger ability to drive greater business value, lead positive change, and impact the diversity, equality, and inclusion narrative in companies and communities.
  • Innovative vision and authority to shape the future of the technology industry.
  • Peer and mentor relationships that encourage and support mutual long-term success.

“I’m coming away from my ITSMF Executive Academy journey with three words—perspective, wisdom, and connectedness. I have a new perspective, having the balcony view of my career. I also have wisdom because I know how to take what I’ve learned and transition it into action. And lastly, connectedness…I have a family here with me on this journey. I do not have to do this alone.”

Jane Harper, Eli Lilly & Company

GIPD Executive Academy Class of 2022

Executive Excellence Awaits

Successful executives continuously invest in their overall development as they strive for excellence. At a high-level, ITSMF Executive Academy consists of:

  • Leadership assessments;
  • Virtual sessions/workshops;
  • One-on-one executive coaching and peer group work;
  • Reading assignments, activities & reflective journaling; and a
  • Capstone project.

Ready to Begin?

ITSMF Executive Academy nurtures leadership distinction. Continue your professional path to a C-suite position by applying today!

  • A new cohort begins each August.
  • Apply online between December 1, 2023, and February 28, 2024.
  • The program investment is $9,000 per participant for tuition plus potential travel expenses. Typically, applicant costs are subsidized by their sponsoring company.
  • For additional program information, contact


ITSMF’s Management Academy fuels the initiative of mid-level professionals by connecting them to resources that fully develop their management skills and emotional intelligence. Participants forge enduring relationships with their peers who understand their challenges, and advance through unfettered access to industry-leading executives whose experiences and instruction are instrumental in guiding their personal and professional growth. Graduates are focused, visionary leaders and architects of positive organizational change.


  • Broadened cross-functional skills and perspectives;
  • Enhanced business understanding and management expertise;
  • Insights into building high-performing, cross-functional teams;
  • Stronger understanding of self and tools/skills needed to thrive at higher professional levels;
  • Expanded network of like-minded leaders to leverage as a support base.
  • Larger strategic role and influential contributions that bring even greater value to the organization;
  • Detailed action plan to address personal challenges and plot career growth course; and
  • Greater ability to inspire positive change in companies and communities.

“Seven months after entering the Management Academy, I was promoted within my company. I attribute many of my accomplishments and professional and personal growth directly to the curriculum which focuses on self-awareness, ways to increase your influence, and strategic planning/thinking.”

Deanna Wright
Director, Shared Services Operations
Cox Enterprises


Follow your leadership aspirations and accelerate your leadership ascent. A new cohort begins each August.

  • Apply online between December 1, 2023 and February 28, 2024.
  • Investment: $8,000 tuition per participant plus potential travel expenses. Typically, applicant costs are subsidized by their sponsoring company.
  • For additional program information, contact Reginald Turner at

NOTE: Completed applications, along with all supporting documents, must be received by February 28th to be considered for the incoming cohort. Applications received after the deadline will be considered in the next application cycle.


ITSMF’s Emerge Academy connects women of color to a trusted community that helps them refine their authentic voices, hone their professional skills and demonstrate self-assured leadership in any challenge faced—all while lifting each other up to a new level of professional distinction. Designed to elevate mid- to senior-level women of color in technology and related fields, program participants emerge stronger, more confident leaders who stand more comfortably in, and in harmony with, their personal and professional power.


  • Stronger, more authentic leaders;
  • More responsible & confident decision making;
  • Personal and professional accountability;
  • Clearer vision of life goals;
  • Influential contributions that bring even greater value to the organization;
  • Greater ability to inspire positive change in companies and communities; and
  • Build lasting relationships with other women in technology.

“Emerge is revolutionary, deeply personal, human, and intimate. I’ve never participated in a program where the director of the program, chairwoman of the board, and founders of the umbrella organization have dedicated so much time and invested so much of themselves into the success of the cohort members. The active participation of these key ITSMF leaders personalized the experience and brought truth to the mission of the academy and ITSMF.”

Michelle Straughan-Harvey Senior Vice President Product Business Development Manager Bank of America


Open to women of color in technology and related fields. Journey toward your highest potential through self-discovery and the pursuit of professional excellence. A new cohort begins each August.

  • Apply online between December 1, 2023, and February 28, 2024.
  • Complete the ITSMF Emerge Academy application, including a recommendation from an ITSMF member (current or inactive) or a representative from a sponsoring company.
  • Investment: $8,000 tuition per participant plus potential travel expenses. Typically, applicant costs are subsidized by their sponsoring company.
  • For additional program information, contact Cheryl Bridges at

NOTE: Completed applications, along with all supporting documents, must be received by February 28th to be considered for the incoming cohort. Applications received after the deadline will be considered in the next application cycle.


The popularity and overwhelming success of ITSMF’s Leadership Academies necessitated additional opportunities to shape even more high-potential leaders. To fulfill that need, ITSMF created its powerful Leaders of Color program, which convenes 25-30 emerging leaders for a shorter timeframe (usually five days spread over several months) within their own organization. Programs are structured, yet highly interactive, and address critical development areas that often present the most challenges for leaders of color. Sessions can be specifically tailored to an organization’s needs and culture.


  • Stronger, more authentic leaders and higher-performing teams;
  • Broadened cross-functional skills and enhanced management understanding;
  • Larger strategic role and influential contributions that bring even greater value to the organization;
  • Deeper understanding and ownership of the organization’s culture and values; and
  • Helps drive important conversations that become a catalyst for positive change and organizational growth.


“I work with a non-profit that always says ‘what’s good for women is good for everyone,’ and I believe it. We started the ITSMF leadership program 100% due to the successes that we’ve had over the last 12 years with our Women’s Leadership Development Program. It was important to me to leverage a best practice that was supporting one diverse population with development, retention, and visibility to leadership to enable another underrepresented community. This is only one small step in building the diversity of our leadership pipeline at Capgemini in North America…one small and critical step to help continue to break down organizational ceilings.”

Janet Pope
Corporate Responsibility Director North America



ITSMF has partnered with NACD to create the ITSMF Board Prep Academy, a two-year program designed to build the skills and credentials to compete for board positions offering dedicated executives the tools, support, and resources to take their first steps on the road to certification and ultimately board positions.

To build up your foundation of knowledge, participants take Virtual Director Professionalism®, a course that includes panel discussions, case studies, and keynote presentations with experienced directors.  In addition to the Virtual Director Professionalism course, participants can supplement their knowledge with NACD research and data that is curated with directors in mind. Finally, academy members will be able to network with ITSMF executive who are currently serving as board directors as well as meeting boardroom professionals at NACD events.  A key component of this academy is the opportunity to take the NACD Directorship Certification® exam, which will assess comprehension of the baseline knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to contribute to the boardroom dialogue on day one.


  • Comprehensive education on all facets of corporate boards—including roles and fiduciary duties; the competencies, expectations and realities of board-level performance; and key committee structures and boardroom dynamics
  • Skills and credentials that strengthen your director candidacy, prepare you to contribute on Day One, and elevate your overall board performance
  • Connections with ITSMF members currently serving on boards through special peer education & networking sessions
  • NACD Directorship Certification®
  • Access to the NACD ecosystem of 23,000+ members and available board opportunities
  • Confidence and aptitude to identify the best board role for your mind, body and soul
  • Greater ability to inspire and drive value, diversity and inclusion in companies and communities from a position of significant influence


Leverage your executive leadership to influence positive change from the highest levels. A new cohort begins each August. Open to ITSMF members and other IT leaders of color.

Apply online January 13th to March 15th

  • Cohort is limited to 25 people, so apply early.
  • Investment: $5,800 tuition per participant plus potential travel expenses. Typically, applicant costs are subsidized by their sponsoring company.
  • For additional program information, contact

NOTE: Completed applications, along with all supporting documents, must be received by March 15th to be considered for the incoming cohort. Applications received after the deadline will be considered in the next application cycle.




Unlike Any
You’ve Ever Known

We’ve created an environment that celebrates and encourages Black technology excellence. When members join ITSMF, they become family. Here, they find a safe place to be their most authentic selves and feel seen, heard, valued and supported, often in ways they’ve never experienced before.

Members receive tremendous benefits through ITSMF—access to and networking with distinguished industry leaders, unprecedented knowledge share and support, attendance to coveted thought-leader events and more—but the real reason why ITSMF members join is…they’re passionately driven to nurture the next generation of Black technology leaders. Giving back is in our DNA and our members take that responsibility very seriously when they join ITSMF.

Enjoy unfettered access to an unmatched family network of open, proven Black technology leaders.
Contribute to and benefit from a world-class economy of knowledge, tools, talent, and opportunity – all rooted in shared values.
Attend coveted ITSMF Symposiums and Regional Networking Events at discounted rates.


ITSMF Membership


Culturally-aware business leaders who embody visionary leadership, a global mindset and a passion for family, community and social activism may qualify for ITSMF Executive Membership. Prospective members must work at the director-level and above, be sponsored by an existing ITSMF member and complete an application to ensure their genuine commitment to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion by supporting current and future technology leaders.


Expand to View Eligibility

If you hold one of the positions described below, you’re eligible for ITSMF Executive Membership:

  • Fortune 500 Senior IT Executive (director-level or above), within two levels of the corporate CIO or equivalent position
  • Medium-sized firm or division IT Executive (revenues under $1 billion), within two levels of the corporate CIO or equivalent position
  • Technology services consulting firm IT Executive (revenues above $1 billion), typically a partner, principal or director position
  • Privately-owned IT company Executive (revenues above $1 million), typically an owner, CEO and related senior (C-level) executives
  • Government or educational institution Senior IT Executive, CIO or within one level of the CIO position
  • College or university IT Chairperson of the technology/systems department
  • Not-for-profit IT Executive (revenues above $5 million), CIO or within one level of the CIO position

Collapse Eligibility List


ITSMF academies offer such transformative experiences, participants often desire a way to give back while maintaining the close bonds they formed with their cohort and instructors. To help facilitate those connections and provide a rewarding service opportunity, academy graduates who are aspiring senior-level leaders may join ITSMF as an Associate Member. Prospects must have successfully graduated from an ITSMF Leadership Academy and exhibit a strong commitment to the continued development of the next generation of technology leaders.


*Annual dues support ITSMF’s operations, programming and foundation.


ITSMF Speakers Bureau

Showcase the insights of the nation’s foremost technology executives of color at your next event, in a podcast or publication—feature an expert from our Speakers Bureau. Our members’ thought leadership and significant contributions are transforming the landscape of technology, business and communities. ITSMF speakers represent the most influential leaders in their respective areas and will educate and motivate your group in a way that sets you apart.

MindEdge Learning + ITSMF

ITSMF has partnered with MindEdge to offer an exclusive opportunity to learn and grow. Whether you are looking to expand your skill set, earn professional credits, or learn something new, our online professional development courses and certificates pair perfectly with a busy schedule. Courses are self-paced and online, accessible from anywhere and available on mobile. Browse over 30 content categories and over 300 courses by clicking on the link below.

ITSMF offers a 10% discount on all courses. Use ITSMF10 (case-sensitive) at checkout.


ITSMF College Mentoring & Scholarship Program

Migrating from college student to employed professional can be a challenging transition. The ITSMF College Mentoring Program safeguards the journey of Black college students (ages 17-24) in pursuit of IT careers and helps drive excellence in students’ collegiate and professional endeavors. The College Mentoring Program pairs experienced, enthusiastic Mentors with students pursuing similar technology disciplines. Working together, they set career goals, develop professional skills, build networks and maintain the path toward graduation. As a program complement that further supports student momentum, we offer scholarships and internships with ITSMF corporate partners that develop skills and provide valuable, real-world experience.


ITSMF Scholarship

Nurturing the next generation of Black technology leaders begins long before their first job; it begins with their education. To assist college-level students in their pursuit of STEM-related disciplines and alleviate the financial burden of higher education, the ITSMF Foundation provides scholarships. Students are chosen based on their academic performance, aptitude to lead and serve and commitment to furthering their education. Scholarship recipients are welcomed into the ITSMF family and receive on-going support and encouragement to ensure they remain on the path toward graduation and realize their value as a future technology leader.


In addition to financial support, the ITSMF Foundation provides a coveted opportunity for Black students to reach their highest potential through career development, mentoring and networking. ITSMF provides:

Access to ITSMF Symposia to network with industry leaders from Fortune 500 companies and successful entrepreneurs in STEM-related fields
Mentoring from industry leaders—an invaluable resource for early career development
Increased exposure to internship opportunities, which connects education to real-world applications, develops workplace skills and opens doors for future employment
Attendance to other professional conferences and leadership development programs.


  1. Apply online extended until December 31, 2024.
  2. Have a minimum of 30 credit hours at an accredited university with a declared major or course of study in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics (STEM).
  3. Be a U.S. citizen/national/permanent resident.
  4. Have a cumulative 3.2 GPA.


ITSMF Partners

Deloitte takes full advantage of the growth opportunities and industry networking access from ITSMF, ensuring representation at each symposium. This level of access and involvement directly impacts our internal commitment for an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Larry Quinlan
Global Chief Information Officer


We’re increasing the diversity of technology executives and
strengthening the pipeline of emerging technology leaders.
Help champion the pursuit of Black Excellence in Technology.

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