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We’re proud to share news that covers the good work we are doing in the lives of our members,
in our partner organizations, and in the communities in which we live and work.

Our ITSMF members are making an indelible impact in their worlds of work.
In short, they’ve got the chops! So, like proud parents, we’re bragging about them too!

Got some news to share with the rest of the ITSMF family? Let us know.


ITSMF EMERGE-ing Beyond I.T.

ITSMF EMERGE-ing Beyond I.T.

Always stay tuned with episodes from ITSMF's very own podcast, EMERGE-ING BEYOND I.T.Understanding the Game of Executive Leadership: Strategies to WinInsights from Black Technology Executives/ITSMF GIPD Executive Academy Cohort 2022Unapologetically Ambitious: Take...

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