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ITSMF President’s Message September 2023

September 28, 2023 |

Greetings, Family!

I must admit that I was initially disappointed with Deion Sanders for leaving his coaching position at Jackson State University. My family has a long history at Jackson State. At least nine family members have graduated from JSU. I have a deep love for the institution and the students and want more resources to be directed there so that the school can have more stability and success.

But as I watched all the hype Sunday about Deion and the new momentum in Colorado, I could not help but think about the importance of leaders focusing on culture……. But strategy is also very important.

I thought about what would happen if a quarterback decided to rely on his own athleticism, quick arm, agility, and speed alone, instead of learning plays and studying the opposing team’s videos. Great quarterbacks read the field, look for defensive weaknesses, and understand how to utilize their teammates to the best of their ability to win. They use data to make key decisions and create strategies.

Data-focused strategic leadership is important now. Resources are contracting around many of us. We need our teams to get more work done with less. We must utilize their talents to the fullest to get more work done. Focusing on data will help us hold people accountable and make tough decisions with more accuracy and save time.

Digital tools are at the forefront of the future of business. Data-focused leaders are well-positioned to lead organizations through digital transformation. ITSMF is becoming more strategic and data-focused. We have developed a dashboard to track key performance indicators in each department. We will launch new surveys to measure our impact. Now, more than ever, it is important that we tell our story with quantitative impact and ROI.

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 We are just one month away from our S2 Symposium in Austin, Texas, October 29-31. I look forward to gathering with family and I am excited about the general sessions on AI and quantum computing. The joint Elevate and EMERGE forum will be epic! We will also have several very special attendees participating in our CISO and CXO forums, so stay tuned.

There will be a party with a purpose at Austin’s Museum of Contemporary Art. We will enjoy the museum, appetizers and libations, and raise money for our scholarship foundation. It is very important that we provide barrier free opportunities for students majoring in tech to successfully complete school and join this amazing profession.

I will see you in Austin, family! 




President and CEO, ITSMF


About Information Technology Senior Management Forum

Since 1996, Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) has been dedicated to increasing the representation of Black professionals at senior levels in technology to impact organizational innovation and growth. We do this by developing and nurturing these dynamic leaders through enrichment of the mind, body and soul. At its inception, only 3% of senior-level positions in the technology industry were held by Blacks. With a half-million new computer-related jobs expected by 2028, ITSMF is committed to increasing the number of qualified Black professionals for these positions. For more information about ITSMF, visit www.itsmfleaders.org.

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