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ITSMF President’s Message November 2023

Dawn Jones |
December 1, 2023 |

Greetings, Family!

It Takes a Quantum Leap

 This year we are answering the challenge and we have enjoyed some tremendous successes.

  • We were invited to Washington, DC to the office of the National Cyber Director to pre-read their Cyber Security Workforce Strategy and recognized for our work on their website.
  • Record participation in the GIPD with 177 participants in the class of 2023-24; with 83% experiencing an increase in responsibility within 18 months of completion.
  • 433 members with 40% being C-level leaders in companies with revenue greater than $2B.
  • Record post covid participation at S1-23 of 416 and a historic partnership with Wells Fargo that included a commitment to expose ninety-eight leaders to GIPD programs to prepare them for the next level of executive leadership through academies, LOCs, DLIPs, Ignite Forums, S1 sponsorship.
  • Historic impact on building the career pipeline through our Foundation and college mentoring program. We are removing barriers for 110 future technology leaders plus four scholarship winners by ensuring that the financial burden of college is not the reason that they don’t graduate, ensuring that they are prepared for employment in the field when they graduate and that they have a mentor to prepare them for the rigorous journey.
  • And we have launched the Ignite academy of entrepreneurs with nine founders that give me chills because I believe in their companies. They embody our mission and the future of building generational wealth through technology careers and owning our businesses.

ITSMF is making quantum leaps.

 James Dallas spoke at our graduation ceremony recently and he said if you think that you are going to make it to the C Suite in a Fortune 500 company with head down arduous work intelligence – you are mistaken. It takes a quantum leap.

You can only make that leap with the right mentors, sponsors, relationships and being in the right rooms with people that choose you. ITSMF’s outgoing Board Chair Michael Buckham-White understands that making that quantum leap means that your talent, academic pedigree, executive presence takes you so far in your path to executive leadership and generational wealth building opportunities. You must be in the room with people with power and influence and recognize your talent and agree to take you the rest of the way.

When you talk about the Quantum Leap in leadership, Michael Buckham-White certainly embodies that. During my first two years as CEO of this great organization, I cannot think of a better person to help us through the transition and into the next phase of this organization.

As board chair, Michael Buckham-White strategically led this esteemed Board through covid, selected and transitioned a new CEO, updated the bylaws, expanded the Board committees, and implemented a three-year strategic plan.

As Michael Buckham-White ends his term as Chair, we thank him for his example of leadership and service to ITSMF.

Congratulations to our incoming 2024-2025 Board of Directors!



President and CEO, ITSMF


About Information Technology Senior Management Forum

Since 1996, Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) has been dedicated to increasing the representation of Black professionals at senior levels in technology to impact organizational innovation and growth. We do this by developing and nurturing these dynamic leaders through enrichment of the mind, body and soul. At its inception, only 3% of senior-level positions in the technology industry were held by Blacks. With a half-million new computer-related jobs expected by 2028, ITSMF is committed to increasing the number of qualified Black professionals for these positions. For more information about ITSMF, visit www.itsmfleaders.org.

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