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ITSMF President’s Message April 2022

April 25, 2022 |

Greetings ITSMF Family!

The last 30 days have been nothing short of amazing! It feels like the Reboot theme is working. We successfully completed our first hybrid symposium in ITSMF history and this was my first in-person symposium. Over three hundred Black and brown technologists from across the globe convened and I met and hugged many, if not most, of them. I am so appreciative of the ITSMF management team, the Board, members, Fellows, Founders, corporate sponsors, strategic alliance partners, and new members of the family that made the symposium a success. I appreciate everyone who joined us virtually and in-person for the symposium. After two years of being apart, the energy in person was so high it was indescribable unless you have been to an ITSMF symposium before.

A few of my many takeaways from S1: The member check-in is a powerful experience. Never have I witnessed such raw vulnerability in a professional setting. Our Elevate and Emerge Forums were transformational this year! The Bridging Innovation Pitch Competition in partnership with Athletes United and Shakout LLC and powered by Cisco was a new and exciting twist. Digital assets are attracting the unbanked in record numbers and many black investors are attracted to them in record numbers. The City of Atlanta Mayor, Andre Dickens, is a true advocate and supporter of the ITSMF mission. He welcomed us to Atlanta at a pre-gala reception. The work of our ITSMF members was recognized and celebrated at the Technology Leaders Awards Gala! Seeing the old guard and new guard in one room was symbolic. We raised $94,000 for the ITSMF Foundation. One of our college scholarship recipients gave his scholarship to another student because he already had his tuition fully paid. When he spoke at the gala, the tears welled up in my eyes. And I learned that after all the plenaries and expanded thinking, the ITSMF community loves to dance!

The management team visited Charlotte this month. We met with members and partners there and witnessed firsthand how Black technology executives are contributing to technological and business innovation, risk management, and data migration in financial services. We left Charlotte full. We are planning a future regional networking event in the Queen City on the financial hubs of the world. More to come. #ReBoot.



President and CEO, ITSMF


About Information Technology Senior Management Forum

Since 1996, Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) has been dedicated to increasing the representation of Black professionals at senior levels in technology to impact organizational innovation and growth. We do this by developing and nurturing these dynamic leaders through enrichment of the mind, body and soul. At its inception, only 3% of senior-level positions in the technology industry were held by Blacks. With a half-million new computer-related jobs expected by 2028, ITSMF is committed to increasing the number of qualified Black professionals for these positions. For more information about ITSMF, visit www.itsmfleaders.org.

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